Debt Shame

Sometimes people hide things that they are ashamed of. By hiding these things, they can’t be ridiculed, questioned or lectured about their decisions. They blend in with society as if everything is normal and they are accepted. This is something that I have been doing for quite some time. I didn’t want to see or hear the disappointment of others so it is something I did not talk about, and quite frankly hardly anyone ever asked me about. That topic was finances, debt, and money. This is a topic that is very personal to most, and maybe that is why nobody asked me other than as it related to my salary. Maybe nobody asked me because they did not know it was an issue, because I blended in.

When I think about financial health, I can’t help but to think about how it relates to a persons physical health and social perception. While some people can hide their weight with baggy clothes or covering parts of their bodies, it is still something that can illicit a response positive or negative. Responses like, “I noticed you’ve put on some weight” or “Wow! You look great. Have you been working out?”. You see, these responses can be positive or negative. Because a persons physical health is something visual making it easy for others to follow your progress.

Finances, on the other hand are not. You may have an idea based on the possessions people have, but can you really make a correct assumption? A person with a high-end car and a large house could either be doing financially well OR they could be in debt.

I am starting this blog to share my financial journey and to promote discussions about finances not from a place of judgement, but a place of understanding and how you can be supportive (without contributing money). As you read my blog, please keep an open mind and think about why this may have been something about me that you never knew. Unhealthy finances are just like someone who has an unhealthy body. It is something that can be changed with hard work, dedication, and may not be what they appear. While this journey for me is not over, nor will it ever be over, it will have a happy ending.


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